Wine connoisseurs of Moldova have the opportunity to become real hedonists since Chateau Cristi winery launched the #WineTeam campaign. From now on, wine lovers can organize an authentic professional tasting for their family or friends.

Experienced sommeliers, including the owner of the company, will tell the peculiarities  of Chateau Cristi wines, will explain how to enjoy these wines properly and what kind of appetizers are appropriate for them. Chateau Cristi’s owner, Constantin Shevchuk, claims that the #WineTeam proposal is absolutely unique.

“The experience that we propose is not just a simple private wine tasting. We want to create an emotional connection with our customers, to provide the most detailed information about our wines so that they can reveal their true potential. We want these tastings to be less formal and to take place in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. This way, we’ll be able to get closer and, perhaps, even become friends with those who appreciate everything that the winery Chateau Cristi has to offer,” said Constantin Shevchuk.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a team-building, a corporate party, or just a dinner with some friends, the beneficiaries of #WineTeam offer will be able to try out a new wine tasting format. #WineTeam members will ensure the necessary social distancing and all sanitary and hygienic standards required at the moment.

The following sommeliers are members of Chateau Cristi’s #WineTeam: Maxim Levchenko, Gheorghe Cretu, Evgeniy Sirbu, Inna Shangina and the owner of Chateau Cristi winery – Constantin Shevchuk.

The offer that includes the wine with a sommelier is available for those who will buy Chateau Cristi wines starting with 3000 lei or the equivalent of about 15 bottles. The purchase of Chateau Cristi wines at the price of 12 000 lei or about 60 bottles, means that the owner of the company will be the one who makes the fascinating journey in the world of Chateau Cristi wines. The offers #WineTeam are available both offline and online in the following locations: Decanter,, Carpe Diem, Kontrast Wine, Invino, Embargo and Vincuvin. For more details, please, call 069499646.