• China – wine market of ultimate importance

    This autumn, in the south of China, in Guangzhou, the international exhibition Interwine Guangzhou 2017, dedicated to the largest wine producers in the world, was held. We also took part in the exhibition, and established many contacts at the international level, some of whom are interested in further cooperation. China being one of the world’s largest powers in the field of winemaking, this exhibition is very important for winemakers all over the world, and even more so for Moldovan ones. This kind of event contributes to the entry into the Chinese (and not only) market of Moldovan wines, since this year more than 72 countries participated in the exhibition area (more than 1000 sq. M.), and only on the first day attracted almost 30,000 guests.

  • New product line

    Very soon a new line of Chateau Christie wines will appear in all specialized stores! We will present you two excellent red blends and one delicious white blend, which, we are sure, will conquer you from the first sip! Keep an eye on our news, there is not much left until we tell you everything!

  • Harvest 2017

    2017 was a good harvest year for us. And this means that it will also be a year of good wine. The irreplaceable at any Moldovan feast Cabernet Sauvignon, that is a masterpiece of local winemaking, and of course the classic and such fragrant Riesling, known for its citrus notes, is already in production and will soon appear in showcases and in every home collection.