Moldova is a country were great people are born. Vladimir Cristi is connected to a line of important political events and visionary governmental decisions.

His name is also written with the golden letters into the book of Moldovan winemaking history.

Being an important political and social person of his time, Chisinau city mayor, true patriot of his country and a gifted winemaker, he has passed on though generations a tradition of making the great wines, which are glorified all over the world nowadays.



A hundred years later, Chateau Cristi revives the traditions of the noble family, and Vladimir Cristi himself, with the same fidelity to quality and love of winemaking.

Chateau Cristi.
The Legend.

Life of the great winemaker.
Century old traditions and the devotion to quality.


In the family of Gregory Cristi and Princess Mary Trubetskaya, Vladimir Cristi is born, a descendant of noblemen and statesmen who served faithfully the tsarist regime and occupied high political and military posts in the Russian Empire.

July 4 1882


Vladimir Cristi goes to the Faculty of Law at the Moscow State University. Later, he continues his studies at the Agricultural Academy in Montpellier, where his love for winemaking was born.



The Noble Assembly awards Vladimir Cristi with the right to belong to the Bessarabian nobility.



Vladimir Cristi starts his activity as a member of the Committee for Viticulture and Winemaking in the district of Orhei, within the framework of which he carries out a series of reforms aimed at reviving the national wine industry.



During this period, Vladimir Cristi owns 391 tithes of the Telesheu, Samanak, Peresechin and Pokshesht estates in Orhei district, as well as 511 tithes of the Zamchozh estate, Chisinau District, and several land plots in the south and west districts of the country.



After the revolution in Russia, Vladimir Cristi holds the post of assistant to the provincial commissar of the Provisional Government in the Bessarabian province.

February, 1917


Becomes a member of the Executive Provincial Committee of Bessarabia. While holding this post, Vladimir Cristi was the actual head of the province.

April, 1917


Vladimir Cristi was appointed to the post of Mayor of Chisinau.



Performing the functions of the Mayor of the city, he actively participates in the activities of the Bessarabian wineries Union.


Since 2015, the winery with centuries-old traditions – Chateau Cristi – revives the winemaking recipes of the genius Cristi family.

Still dedicated to their work and high quality, the followers of the noble Cristi family work day after day to get the best wine on your tables.

The legendary blend Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot – Malbec was revived, which rightfully deserved the name “royal”.

Our vineyards are located in the south of Moldova, in the famous area of Troyan Val. The grapes growing in this fertile zone are famous for their selected bouquet and give the wine aromas of flowers and dried fruits, rich color and magnificent taste.

Already two years, the revived winery Chateau Cristi pleases connoisseurs of quality wine with selective products.

After all, every bottle of our wine, is a confession of our love to you!